How to Close Flipkart Pay Later Service Permanently?

Are you interested in closing your Flipkart Pay Later account? If that's the case, you can follow our instructions here to cancel and close your Flipkart Pay later account online.

Flipkart is an online shopping portal that offers a Pay Later option. With this option, you can get a credit limit of up to 20,000 that you can use for shopping and then pay back the amount you used the following month. By logging in to your account with your Pan Card and Aadhaar Card, you can apply for the Pay later account.

You can check this Pay later credit account in your CIBIL score report (IDFC FIRST Bank), so in the event that you have this office and not utilizing it any longer then you can close it whenever and keep away from an adverse consequence on your FICO rating.

Close your Flipkart Pay Later account by following the steps below:

Close Your Flipkart Pay Later Account Online

I've been using the Flipkart Pay Later feature for the past two years, and I've finally decided to close it online.

I first contacted Flipkart's customer service, and they informed me that canceling your Pay later account is not an option. After that, I attempted to close my account by calling IFDC First Bank (Partner Bank), but they informed me that Flipkart would first cancel, after which they could proceed.

Finally, I requested that my Pay Later account be closed via email to the Flipkart escalations team at

My Flipkart Pay later account was closed five days later. The Pay later option has been removed from my account, as you can see.

close flipkart pay later

So this way you can drop and close your Flipkart Pay later record on the web. You can remove a loan account from your CIBIL score by sending an email to your partner bank once your Flipkart Pay later account has been closed.


Que: How can I cancel Flipkart payment later?

Ans: To close your account, you must send an email to the Flipkart escalation team. Within seven days of receiving your request, it will be canceled.

Que: How can I get my Flipkart Pay Later loan removed from my CIBIL?

Ans: Your Pay Later account must first be closed by calling Flipkart customer service. Your loan account will then be deactivated by the partner bank. Within two to three months, it will be removed from your CIBIL score after this.

Que: How does the Flipkart Pay Later Service work?

Ans: The Flipkart Pay Later Service is a digital credit facility that allows Flipkart customers to make buy-now and pay-later purchases on the platform.

Que: When I close my Flipkart Pay Later account, what happens?

Ans: You will not be able to make use of the credit facility again after you close your Flipkart Pay Later account. Before the account can be closed, it must be cleared of any outstanding fees.

Que: How do I shut down the Flipkart Pay Later Service?

Ans: Follow these steps to end the Flipkart Pay Later Service:

Go to the "My Account" section of your Flipkart account, select "Flipkart Pay Later" from the list of options, and then click "Close Pay Later Account." Confirm the closure by providing the required information.

Que: Can my Flipkart Pay Later account be closed before I have paid all of my bills?

Ans: No, you can't close your Flipkart Pay Later account until you've paid all of your bills. Before you can close the account, you'll need to pay off everything that hasn't been paid.

Que: Is there a cost associated with ending the Flipkart Pay Later Service?

Ans: No, closing the Flipkart Pay Later Service is free. Be that as it may, any remaining contribution should be cleared prior to shutting the record.

Que: When closing a Flipkart Pay Later account, how long does it take?

Ans: The process of closing a Flipkart Pay Later account takes about 5-7 business days to finish. However, the exact amount of time may vary based on the bank or payment gateway's processing time.


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